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Know what affiliate marketing is about

You probably might be wondering what this affiliate marketing thing is about. Well it is the best way of earning money online. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid a commission for promoting products / services for other companies. A few decades ago there were salesmen that went “door to door.” They’d have a product of any specific company and go around neighborhoods for selling their goods. Affiliate marketing is the modern version of Door to Door Sales and Marketing. But instead of going in neighborhood, affiliate marketers reach to the customers online. Particular in affiliate marketing industry, five core players play key role.

Affiliate network or “Market place” contains different offers about the products. Network manages the account and profiles of different advertisers and publishers. Thus basically, marketplace is a platform where advertiser put his products in form of offers and affiliate will find that offers and promote that offers. There are many different categories of products which are called “Niche” or “verticals” in affiliate marketing.

Advertisers are the company or individuals who own the products and offers. The advertiser only pays when the affiliate sends a conversion. Advertiser can ask for the Conversions in the form of a product sale or E-mail address and other information submission by audience or customers.

In affiliate marketing affiliates are also known as “Publishers”. Publishers are the middleman. As a publisher, you’re the person connecting the customer to the product or service. In order to reach to the right audience who has interest in your offer, as a publisher you need to create campaign with advertisement of the offer you want to promote. This process is called “creating the marketing funnel” for particular offer. Marketing funnel includes the ads, landing pages, and whatever additional tools necessary to persuade the customer into making a purchase or signing up.

Another is Traffic source. It  is a platform where your potential audience/customers come from. There are two types of traffic sources out there. In Direct type You can purchase banners directly from the site itself. Example: Purchasing directly from Facebook.com. Ad Network is a “marketplace” for a bunch of different websites. You can advertise the offers on this type of Ad networks, and they will place your advertise on high traffic websites tied up with them.

Finally there are customers. Customers are the person who ultimately buys the product or service from you and other affiliates.As affiliate your job is to provide the customer better products and service which can be beneficial to them and to persuade them to convert or purchase the product.

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