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Basics Tools to start successful Affiliate Marketing

Hello everyone,

In this blog we will discuss about what are the basic tools you going to need to start successful affiliate marketing from scratch.

See, there are many different types of promoting methods in this industry. But there are some basic steps which every marketer has to follow in order to get profitable result and, for this they use different types of tools. But the problem is no one gives you the correct information or list of the tools they use, and if you want to know they will charge you. There are many different tools available and you also going to need them, but here in this blog we only focus on some of the basic tools which you should use for profitable result. Here we will only discuss the list of basic tool. To learn the Steps to use those tools, I will make whole another blog.

After you promote the product the best tool you going to need is TRACKING SOFTWARE. You must need a tracking tool in this marketing industry. You should track the product link you promoting to know what is happening with your link. By tracking you can know how many people have seen your add, how many clicks you get on your link, how many have come to order form and gone without buying and how many people has bye from your link. You can also get the location your audience came from, device they use while performing any action to your add and many other detailed feature in some of the high level tracking software. There are many tracking software available in the market, but I personally use ClickMagick. All tracking tools are paid but in some you can get 14 days free trail.

Another very important tool is LANDING PAGE. Landing page are very very important in the affiliate marketing. They are also called as Opt-in page or Squeeze page. Landing page is where you ask people to take action by entering their name, email address, mobile number, gender, zip code or any other information you need to collect for your product or service. You can also add video in it to attract the attention of people. In order to track the information we discuss above, you have to have a landing page. You can put tracking pixel in landing page to track everything. Landing page is essential to turn your cold traffic into warm traffic. Landing page will help you to build you email list which is very necessary for email marketing. There are many software companies or websites available in the market to build a landing page, but what I personally use is Click Funnels.

You need to build a FUNNEL for your product. Building a funnel is an art to make your customers to buy your product. Funnel is basically the options, offers or discount you provide to you customers to buy your product. Landing page is the part of funnel, but you can use landing page separately also. Once customers opt in to your landing page, you show them your main product. But if they don’t buy the main product you don’t want them to let go, so what you can do is give them other free product with your main product or give them discount on main product. But before giving extra value you need to take permission from the main advertiser of the product. It is very important in affiliate marketing to bring your customers in your funnel. Funnels can be varying according to product and service you are promoting. There are many software companies or websites available in the market to build a funnel, but what I personally use is Click Funnels.

AUTO-RESPONDER Another important tool is Auto-responder. This is software, which collects the email address of the people who gets opt in to your landing page or funnel. It will also automatically send message to the person who subscribe to your newsletter. You can select the automatically send message’s text. Let say for example, “Thank for subscribing to our Newsletter” or whatever you want or like. It very important to build email list because it is not just an email list, it is list of people who have interest in your offer. Thus making an email list you will be able to reach the same audience in future with or look alike offer to promote, and this time you will have greater chance of getting sales because know you this time and have built trust with you and your product.

So guys, this are the four tools you must need to get positive and profitable results in affiliate marketing. If you have any query please leave a comment below.

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